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uma mulher Brendan418
Meu nome é Brendan418, 42 anos.
Sou um homem procurando por uma mulher.
Moro em Morristown, Estados Unidos.
Sobre mim:
United States New Jersey Man Seeks Companion
“ God! The fact that theres a life ahead of me, I can see it in my dreams. I can feel it in my soul as it starts each day I place my feet on the ground. its been one hell of a journey. But i know that the stars are aligned. I know it from above. My hands are steady and at my side. Theres a depth in me I can only understand. I want to show that depth to the world with gratitude but is there anyone out there that will see the beauty in it like God does? If I have to serve God alone, I will each day. Each day I will be my imperfect self and I will put his love first thru me. HUMILITY IS VICTORY. ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Sobre meu parceiro ideal:
“ Lets face it relationships can be extremely challenging in todays day and age. I attribute a majority of the reasoning behind this statement to be due to changes in the way we are able to select partners on platforms such as this. I am looking for a partner with old school relationship values. I am a one woman man when in a committed relationship so I seek the same of others. Relationships should be equal, shared joy/work, as well as mutual respect/trust. At my age, I want to be accepted for who I am and offer the same in return. Acceptance of the humility life teaches in classes we dont take! We are all spirits on a shared journey ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Prefiro que você tenha29 - 43 anos.
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