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uma mulher Foxy236
Meu nome é Foxy236, 47 anos.
Sou um homem procurando por uma mulher.
Moro em London, Reino Unido.
Sobre mim:
Never give up
“ Ambitious, intelligent, hardworking creative type personality. I have my own apartment and my own teeth. Recovering actor,(20 years in TV & theatre) now making it as a black cab taxi driver in London with plans for future development in other areas of expertise. Curious about the world and people, always looking to learn new skills & languages. A romantic soul who is not afraid to love with a good sense of humour, can cook a bit as well. ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Sobre meu parceiro ideal:
“ Someone who is kind hearted and open. A curious mind, with a creative imagination who knows how to love and appreciates being loved in return. ” [Traduzir para Português (Br) ]
Prefiro que você tenha18 - 46 anos.
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